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Nifty Home 3-Tier K-Cup Drawer

Nifty Home 3-Tier K-Cup Drawer

Designed to perfectly fit K-Cups
3-tiered sliding drawer construction
Attractive black satin finish


Mornings should be savored, not rushed; and they can be with the Nifty Home 3-Tier K-Cup Drawer. This stylish three-drawer unit keeps all your favorite K-Cup flavors neatly organized so that you won’t get frustrated sifting through an overcrowded box, drawer, or cupboard. The efficient, space-saving design even allows you to store cups or a cream and sugar set on top, so that everything you need is close at hand and so that your K-Cups don’t take up any more of your precious counter space. This clever design comes in a choice of sizes that will hold up to either 36 or 54 K-Cup packs. The sliding-drawer construction makes selecting your favorite K-Cup extremely easy. And the satin black finish looks great on any kitchen countertop. About Nifty Nifty Home Products is your source for convenient answers to everyday difficulties. In 1991, Frank Tiemann founded Nifty with his patented invention the Nifty Lifter. Since that first foray into the marketplace, Nifty has designed and produced over fifty new thoughtful inventions. Much more than just functional, these items are cleverly constructed, emphasizing quality, innovation, and practicality to deliver you the very best solutions to domestic inconveniences. Designed to perfectly fit K-Cups. 3-tiered sliding drawer construction. Attractive black satin finish. Space-saving design. Choice of two sizes.
Designed to perfectly fit K-Cups
3-tiered sliding drawer construction
Attractive black satin finish
Space-saving design
Choice of two sizes

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