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AICOK Coffee Grinders and Coffee Makers

AICOK are suppliers of a range of Coffee makers and coffee grinders. They are well rated and have a brewer or grinder for

All tastes and requirements coupled  with an excellent warranty and customer service.

We have highlighted the more popular Brewers and Grinders here for your easy reference together with user ratings


This grinder is very versatile. It allows you to not only grind coffee beans and nuts and spices etc.

But it can also be used to chop onions, garlic etc.

It comes with two bowls, a two blade for the coffee beans etc. and a four blade for onions etc.

The grinder comes with two stainless steel cups that are graduated so you can see how many cups you have ground for

This grinder has a 200watt motor and quickly and efficiently grinds be it dry foods or wet foods. All done with sharp stainless steel blades

It is easy to use, you can see what you are grinding through the clear lid.

Easy to clean, all the detachable parts are dishwasher safe.

The exterior is made on stainless steel as are the grinding bowls and blades so this grinder is very durable and easily copes with everyday use.

User Rating – 3.5/5


It has been specially designed to get the beans to the blades for precise grinding.

Combine this with a powerful 1500w motor this lets you control how coarse or fine you want it

You can basically grind most things – beans , nuts, spices et. You simply push the button to determine what kind of grind you want.

This grinder can grind up to 60grams of coffee beans at one time which should be enough for 12 cups of coffee.

The casing and bowls are made from Stainless steel and are hard wearing and easy to clean

User Ratings – 4.4/5


This grinder has a triangular design cup or basket to allow you to grind your beans the way you like them

In fact you could grind down to a powder if you so wished

Comes with a powerful 150watt motor that spins the blades  between 25000 to 28000 rpm.

Not only can it grind coffee but also nuts, spices, seeds and more and you are always in charge of the grind.

It can also grind up to 60grams of beans at a time , enough for up to 12 cups of coffee.

This grinder is also safe as it won’t run without the lid in place. It is Also compact and stylish.

User Rating – 4.2/5


This travel Coffee maker is powerful with a 56watt motor, you can brew with hot or cold water

The travel coffee maker is light and compact, giving you the ability to enjoy your coffee on the go, use it in your vehicle when you power it from

The power supply that most come with today.

It easy to use with one button operation to give you your cup of espresso, couple this with a 15 bar high pressure pump and you will get all the flavour you need.

The recommendation is that you should only use this machine with Nespresso capsules. Also the suggestion is to also use it with filtered water.

It comes with a wall charger and a 12 volt charger too make it very versatile. The wall charger is to be used only to charge the battery, you need to unplug from the charger

when you are going to use it.

The machine also has a self-clean function. To clean the outside you should wipe with a cloth

User Rating – 3.8/5


With this portable coffee maker you brew your coffee from K-Cup or from ground coffee, there is a reusable filter included.

This coffee maker has a 15bar pump to ensure you get great tasting coffee no matter where you are

You don’t need to pump this machine to make your coffee.

It has a built in lithium battery, and comes with a wall charger and a car charger for on the go.

The battery takes about 3 hours to be fully charged. The battery level can be checked on the machine.

It has a self-cleaning function and you should only wash the cup, other than that wipe the outside with a cloth.

The outer shell is made from ABS.

User Rating – 3.6/5


This is an excellent 2in1 coffee maker with a milk frother built in.

Enables you to make Espresso, Cappuccino, Latte and Moka coffee brews.

It has a 15 Bar high pressure pump to extract rich and creamy coffee, coupled with a 1050watt high power heater you don’t have to wait long for your brew.

The machine has a durable and ergonomic stainless steel outer body, easy to use handle and a 43oz removable water reservoir.

It also has automatic temperature control and a 26inch power cord to add to its flexibility

User Rating – 3.3/5


The drip coffee maker comes with a durable carafe that has easy to see markings for measurement to make for accurate filling. Also has a easy to hold handle that is non slip for easy pouring

Easy operation with one button on and off with built in boil dry protection.

The Coffee is kept warm by the Non Stick plate for up to an hour while you are brewing. With a non-spill function designed into the coffee maker.

There is a water window so you can always see what you have to brew, The removable filter basket comes out for easy cleaning and filling.

User Rating – 3.8/5


This Aicok drip coffee maker is easy to use, it has a one button function for easy on and off.

It has easy to see water markers in the lid to see how many cups you have left and how many cups of coffee you can make.

Has a built in warming function to keep the coffee warm for up to 6 hours.

Easy to clean with a dishwasher safe carafe and a removable filter basket for cleaning and filling

User Rating – 3.2/5


This is a fully automatic coffee maker with an easy to read LED for timer settings. You can program it to when to start and to stop.

Together with the thermal carafe your coffee will be warm for hours.

The advanced design ensures your coffee brews quickly and at the optimal temperature, together with the 12 cup capacity this brewer is ideal for a family that like coffee.

There is an easy to see tank water level , and the tank filling mouth is big enough to make filling mess free. The carafe also has a spill free design

It has a removable permanent filter that is easy to clean and also if you want to use paper filters

User Rating –  4.3/5


This coffee maker is compatible with most of the capsules on the market.

This machine takes from 2:30 to 3:00 mins to brew a cup of coffee.

Easy one touch operation

You can brew a 10oz cup the way you like tit.

There are two settings for water Min or Max and these determine how strong you like your coffee.

Has a convenient drawer for used pods that can be cleaned under the tap. With the wide tank design it is easy to fill.

To clean the machine you just hold down the button and it empties the water and cleans.

The Stainless steel body makes it durable and easy to keep clean.

User Rating – 3.9/5


Single pod coffee machine designed to give you the best brew at the right temperature

Easy to clean with the removable tray and lid dishwasher safe

Handle design allows you to puncture the pod to get excellent extraction of the brew

Easy “one touch” brews the coffee and turns off when the brewing is completed

Small and compact, great for the office or small kitchens

User Rating – 4.2/5


This brewer is compatible with most pods and is quick. Brew a cup in three minutes.

It has a wide mouth making it easier to fill and clean. Has a removable drip tray that is dishwasher safe and allows you to use a travel mug.

This machine is small and light, you could take it travelling with you. Perfect for your desk at home or in the dorm room.

It has a one touch design with a built in auto shutoff making it safe to use.

User Rating – 4.1/5


Alcok Coffee Makers and Grinders come with a 24 month replacement or repayment warranty so you can purchase these products with confidence.

They also offer 24 hour customer service.


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