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Hamilton Beach BrewStation 12 Cup Coffee Maker

With The Hamilton Beach BrewStaion you don’t have a hot plate to keep your coffee hot. Not great for flavour

Your coffee is kept hot in an internal tank for your convenience, from first to last your coffee keeps that great taste
the other added bonus is that you don’t have a glass carafe that can break

There is nothing like fresh grounds beans for taste and flavour of your coffee.


The features you get with the Hamilton Beach BrewStation


Maintains the fresh-brewed flavour that we all desire

You don’t have your coffee sitting on a hot plate. It is stored in an internal tank

Brewing system is all internal with a heater keeping your coffee hot  

You can set the heat function to keep the coffee hot for up to 4 hours

Brews up to 12 cups To keep you going

Stores up to 12 cups of coffee. Simply dispense into your mug when you want

Works Just like a traditional drip coffee maker – has no carafe – holds coffee in internal tank

It works like a drip coffee maker but you don’t need a carafe that can break

Easy to use the Press bar to dispense a cup at a time

You dispense your coffee fresh from the internal storage

Programmable for you to wake-up to that great fresh coffee aroma

Has a 24 hour programmable timer with four brewing options

Removable water tank for easy filling

The water tank detaches to allow for easy filling. No mess

Easy To Use

The Hamilton Beach BrewStation is easy to use.

All the functions are on the front panel, where you can set exactly what you want
and programme it for when you want it.


There are water filters, descaling packs and scoops available


The coffee maker can be cleaned with white vinegar. It comes with details instructions and is not complicated.
the water filter can be removed for easy cleaning, the tank filter cannot be removed and you need to run water through it
to keep it clean
The outside can be wiped down with a soft cloth and warm and soapy water


The machine has rubber legs so it is not easy to move around the kitchen counter

There is no way to empty the machine by decanting the coffee. You have to empty it one cup at a time

If you have people in the same house that like different brews then that can be an issue


The Hamilton Beach BrewStation is a very good coffee maker. It can not only brew a good hot cup of coffee
but it can also do a cold brew.

For the price you can’t go wrong with this coffee maker, and if you are in a household where glass carafes tend to get broken
you won’t have that problem with this coffee maker

It has a solid four star rating

We would definitely consider this coffee maker

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