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Coffee Your Way-The Cuisinart DC1200 Programmable Coffee Maker

The Cuisinart DC1200 Programmable Brew Central Coffee maker is stylish and Retro, it is made from durable materials and has a brushed metal finish.

This coffee maker will look good in any kitchen.

It is fully programmable with a 24-hour clock to pre-program when you want your brew, Auto shut off, And self-cleaning are some of the other features you get with this maker. This coffee maker also includes charcoal water filters to make sure you are getting the taste you want

The features you get with the Cuisinart DC1200


  • Flip back reservoir cover for easy filling
  • A showerhead that ensures the water is evenly distributed over the coffee grinds
  • A charcoal water filter that eliminates bad odors and taste as well as chlorine and calcium
  • Filter basket that can take a paper filter or a permanent filter
  • LCD Clock to help you set up your brew times
  • 1 to 4 cup setting for times you do not want a full pot of coffee
  • Has a self-cleaning setting that informs you when it is time to perform a clean
  • Has “Brew Pause” so you can pour a cup in mid-brew
  • Signals the end of the brew with a series of beeps
  • Easy pour carafe with 2 to 12 cup markings
  • Non-stick scratch resistant heat plate

Control Panel


A comprehensive control panel that makes it easy for you to set up the coffee maker the way you like it

Some of the controls are

  • The clock display
  • Multifunction knob for the auto settings
  • A retro style flip switch
  • Heater plate control
  • All the lights to indicate on/off and Auto on


Self Cleaning


The Cuisinart DCC1200 tells you when it needs to be cleaned. It has a light that starts to flash warning you that there is a build up

Of calcium deposits that will impact on the performance of your coffee maker. The cleaning process is easy and quick and

Restores your coffee maker back to optimum coffee making




The Coffee maker can take a maximum of 15 tablespoons of coffee which should be sufficient for you brewing.

The only downside is that the coffee maker is a bit heavy but that should not be a problem as you will only be lifting the carafe

The Cuisinart DC1200 Brew Central Coffee maker is an excellent coffee maker with enough features to satisfy most people.

Its primary function is to make you a great cup of coffee and that it does, and its price won’t break the bank.

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