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Cold Brew Coffee With A French Press

So as you know from my previous posts that I love coffee. I start every day with a good strong cup of coffee
My wife is not as mad about it as I am so I have been experimenting with my coffee without getting into trouble.

I have been Making A cold brew in my French Press and been using the concentrate for my coffee (about 6 mugs) during the day. Sometimes more
a lot more.

I know that there are a lot of articles on this subject, but this is my take on making Cold Brew Coffee. It works for me.

What You Will Need

Let’s Get Started

I add 2 tablespoons of coffee for each cup – 4 cup French Press equals 8 tablespoons of coffee
I like the ground coffee to have a slightly coarser grind to that which I normally use, but, if you don’t have
a coarser grind you can use what you have, You will just probably have a bit more sediment.

Add the coffee to your French Press and then add the water to half way. I then give it a stir and then add the
rest of the water to the top, just below the spout, leaving enough room for the plunger to fit on the top.

Fit the plunger, don’t push it down, and put the French Press in the refrigerator.

You need to leave it for a minimum of 8 hours so that it can seep. 12 hours is best. I normally wait 8 hours as I am impatient.

I make mine in the early evening so that it is ready for my consumption the next morning.

After it has been sitting for the 8 or 12 hours, take it out and gently press the plunger down , just like you were making hot coffee
in your French Press.

You can now decant it into a container. You can filter out any grinds. I use a tea strainer. It works great. I have even used a small

Sieve. I also sometimes leave it in the press if I am being lazy.

You now have a coffee concentrate.

Drinking Your Coffee

For Hot coffee I normally add third to a half cup of cold coffee concentrate, top it up with water and pop it into the microwave.

If you have milk that you like you can add that instead of water.

For cold coffee, I usually add the concentrate to about again a third or half a cup, then some water and then some ice cubes, especially on a hot day
the ice dilutes it a bit more and keeps it nice and cold.

We all have our little quirks and so you can drink your coffee or mix it or flavour it with whatever tastes good to you. Alternatively, you can
infuse it with whatever fruit etc to your taste

Storing The Cold Brew

As long as it is in the refrigerator it can be kept for up to 2 weeks, I personally would not keep it longer than that.

Store it in a clean plastic container or a mason jar, I have sometimes stored mine in a thermos, but not for long, only if

I am going outdoors for the weekend and want my coffee with me. (Can’t start my day without my coffee)

More Cold Brew

I am always looking for ways to use my cold brew.

I have made ice cubes with it, both neat and slightly diluted. I will suck on them on a very hot day.

I love coffee ice cream so I will take a vanilla ice cream and add some concentrate to it to give that great coffee flavour.

My daughter has used it to make a coffee cake for me. Loved it.

Recently I decided to make my own liqueur for a dinner party.
I took a third of a cup of concentrate and mixed it with 2 cups of pasteurized cream, added some sugar to taste, mixed it thoroughly, to that I added
2 tots of scotch. The guests loved it.

Cold Brew Thoughts

I never really considered Cold Brew Coffee until a few months ago and started experimenting with it. I am so glad I did.

I know that some of the gurus and baristas out there will find fault with what I do, But as I have said before, these are my own methods and take
on Cold Brew Coffee. The way I make it tastes great to me

I don’t weigh my coffee grounds, with me it is always by taste and I adjust accordingly. I have a scale but very rarely use it.
I am not looking for perfection but what tastes good to me. My coffee/water ratio is what I use and can be used by you as a starting point
and you can adjust it from there. I have noticed that Cold Brew Coffee does not appear to be as acidic as hot brewed coffee.

So there you go.

What could be better than on a hot summer day sitting on the porch as the sun goes down sipping a glass of COLD BREW COFFEE

Happy Brewing

The Bean Brewer

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