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Moka Pot Coffee Makers

Moka Pot Coffee Makers

A Moka Pot is a stove top coffee maker that works by passing boiling water that has been pressurized through steam through the coffee grounds. The name comes from the Yemenite city called Mocha. A Moka Coffee Is similar to espresso coffee

It was invented by Luigi di Ponti and was first patented in Italy by Alfonso Bialetti and the Bialetti company manufactures them to this day. There are many Manufactures spread around the world and many variations.

Moka Pots can be made out of Aluminium or Stainless steel

Moka Pots are very popular in Europe and Latin America. In Australia, the Moka Pot is also popular having first been introduced by Italian migrants after the second world war

Moka Pots come in various sizes from 1 cup up to 12 cup

moka pot

Making Coffee in a Moka Pot

When you first use your Moka Pot remove all the labels and packaging

Give your pot a wash and rinse thoroughly getting rid of all soap residue

If possible make a few pots of coffee to condition the pot

Now let’s Make a Pot of coffee

Fill the lower chamber with water to just below the valve, some pots have a fill line, Preferably fill with hot water as it will make brewing quicker and will prevent you having to leave your pot on the stove for longer

Insert the funnel and fill it with Espresso coffee grounds, do not press the grounds down, wipe away any excess coffee especially on the edges

Screw the top (Pot) to the base – don’t use the handle to tighten it

Select the right size burner on the stove, if you are using a gas stove, the flame must not come up the side of the pot

Put the pot on the stove until it starts to boil and you can hear a gurgling sound, You can probably remove the pot from the heat as the residual heat will probably complete the process. The right time will have to be found with a bit of experimenting. Some people leave their pot on the stove until it is full. But be careful as you could end up with very bitter coffee

When the top of the pot is full you are ready to pour, but first, give the coffee a stir to make sure all the layers are mixed together

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When you are finished with your pot give it a thorough wash and rinse with warm water, do not use soap and do not put it into a dishwasher

Dry it with a towel and then leave it disassembled to dry completely

If you follow this your pot will last a very long time.


Moka Coffee

The taste of the coffee made in a Moka Pot can depend on the beans used, how fine the grind is what the water quality is and how long it was left on the stove.

The Moka Pot is sometimes referred to as the stovetop espresso maker as the methods are the same, an espresso machine has more pressure. The coffee that you brew will be stronger than a drip coffee maker

And through the process can have a higher caffeine content. You can usually get a strong cup of coffee from a Moka Pot

For More Info go to Wikipedia

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