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Which Coffee Maker Suits You Best

There is a large selection of Coffee Makers on the market today. They offer different methods of brewing your coffee. Some might suit you and your needs and some
methods won’t. Hopefully, once you read this guide you will have a better understanding and will be able to make the right choice.

To See More Detailed Information On the Different Brewing Methods HERE



These are the machines for the coffee connoisseur. There are a lot of machines to brew your shot of Espresso. Some complicated and some not.
You should be able to brew the variety that you like such as Latte, Cappuccino etc. However, this comes at a price and Espresso machines worth their salt can be quite pricey.

To make your life more difficult there are a variety of brands and features to choose from, both manual and automatic.
An Espresso Machine will enhance your kitchen and probably make you the envy of your friends, the downside is as previously mentioned, the price
and some machines only brew “one shot” at a time as opposed to a cup, which is usually not big, this, however, appears to be changing on some models.

So if money is no object and you want to be the barista of the neighborhood then Espresso Machines are for you.



If you like to make a pot of coffee then these machines are for you. These are probably the most popular of the coffee makers.
and are found in most workplaces where people drink coffee

If you Like a pot or Jug of coffee then these are the machines you should be looking at. They are not expensive and produce a satisfying cup of coffee.
However, you can not make Latte, Cappuccino etc as with the Espresso. You can, however, brew a strong pot of coffee

They are easy to use and the filters are not expensive. So if you like a mug of coffee without the hassle then these are the machines for you.



Known as single serve or pod coffee makers, there are a variety of these machines on the market.

If you don’t like the hassle of making coffee with grinds etc then these are the machines for you.
they use pods to make the coffee, these pods come in many different flavours, so the choice is yours.
the pods, however, can be expensive over time, and you have to dispose of them

If you want a good cup of coffee in a flavour you like and you don’t want to deal with the cleaning of grinds afterward, then pop a pod in your pod machine and get brewing.
Oh and one pod per cup, so wait in line



Probably the most simple of all is the French press. Throw in some coffee grinds, Boil the water, pour it in, let it sit for a minute or two, press the plunger down
and you have coffee if you do it that way it won’t be great coffee. If you use a French Press properly you can get a decent cup of coffee.

They come in all sizes and made in glass and stainless steel etc. And they are not expensive to buy. They can, however, be a bit messy as you need to clean out the grounds after use
And you also get sediment at the bottom of your cup as the filters are not that fine.

So they are inexpensive to buy, they don’t use electricity {kettle does}. no need to buy filters. Buy your favorite grind add to your press follow the correct steps and you
should be good to go.



Percolators Have been around for a long time and they are not as popular as they used to be.

There are two types, those that are like a kettle and have their own heating element built in and those that you put on the stove
or another heat source. You can make a reasonable amount of coffee.

Most Percolators cannot be left to their own devices as they will keep on percolating giving you a bitter cup of coffee,
they need to be monitored so that you remove it from the heat as soon as the brewing process is complete, and
then there is the cleaning.

Percolators are popular with campers as they can give you a good cup of coffee right off the campfire or gas cooker.
So if you like your coffee when outdoors then this is a good option.



MOKA POTS are sometimes referred to as stove top Espresso  Coffee Makers and are popular in Europe and Latin America

Moka Pots can make a strong brew of coffee, they come in a variety of sizes and are referred to as cup sizes per pot,
however they are talking about Espresso cups, so if you like a big mug of coffee then maybe you should consider one of the other

Moka Pots like percolators need to be monitored while brewing, they also require some periodic maintenance.

Moka Pots are relatively inexpensive compared to some other makers. So if you like an Espresso coffee and don’t
want to buy an Espresso machine then you should consider one of these.



In your search for a Coffee Maker, you should consider the following as well

How many people drink coffee in your house, especially in the mornings. You need to remember the morning rush.
The moaning and groaning about the lack of or wait for morning coffee is something we would all like to avoid.

How do you like your coffee. Are you happy with an Espresso, do like a mug of coffee or maybe you have a liking for
flavored coffee? We all have different tastes and they need to be taken into consideration

Cost. How much are you wanting to spend on your coffee maker? If you have a desire of becoming a barista
then you are going to spend quite a bit more than on a French Press or drip coffee maker, maybe you will be happy with a pod machine.

How easy are the machines to use? Do you want a machine that is going to be easy to use for the whole family or
if you are the coffee maker in the house and will get on top of using the Espresso machine

An important consideration is your kitchen counter. How much space do you have? A French press can be kept in
the cupboard and taken out to use. An Espresso, drip or Pod machine will be kept on the counter.
Some of these machines will complement your kitchen and some can be got in a color that fits in
with the rest of your kitchen colors.

If you are the lady of the house you will already have taken this into account, however, if you are the man, it
might be a good idea to take your lady with you when shopping


So I hope you have found this helpful

I have tried to keep it light and in layman (me) terms. I do not delve deeply into all the different methods and all the
different coffee makers. There are many machines out there at different price levels and complexity, each method
has its good and not so good points to consider.

Chat with friends, see what they use, get their opinion, do you like the coffee they make. Are they happy with their coffee maker?
would they change to something else?
The more information you get helps you make the right choice


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